Consistency Transmitter: Accurate Measurement of Substance Consistency

Consistency transmitters measure the shear force caused by the interaction between blade sensor and fibers/fillers. A consistency transmitter contained into the pulp (consistency transmitters using a static or moving blade are all based on shear force working principle).

Market leader in consistency control


There are no shortcuts if repeatable fiber consistency measurement is needed and the selection of our blades guarantees optimum result. This has been proven in several independent tests by international institutes including API, WIP and Norske Skogindustri.

  • Cost efficient fiber consistency measurement.
  • Share force measurement principle (static Blade)
  • The wide variation of blade types and material options makes it suitable for many different applications and ranges from 1.5 up to 16% consistency.
  • Quick start up with single point calibration.
  • Excellent measurement accuracy in variety of process conditions.
  • No moving parts, no regular maintenance.


Small Details Make the difference

  • Superior selection of blade types.
  • 16 preset calibration curves.
  • Long-term measurement stability.
  • Excellent sensitivity and repeatability.
  • Full advantages of Hart, Profibus PA, Foundation Technologies online condition monitoring with field care or AMS Systems.
  • High Signal Quality (low noise due to silicon oil damping)
  • Consistency selection tool available.

Valmet SP basic delivery includes

  • Transmitter with sensor blade.
  • Operating unit with 10 meter transmitter cable.
  • Process coupling.
  • Mounting clamp.
  • Gasket PTFE.
  • Deflector or protector plate.
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