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We specialize in creating the products that improve the performance and safety of your equipment proactive technical excellence and prompt delivery maintaining high inventory levels are what we thrive for. Offering a full-fledged range of diverse range with utmost sophistication and reliability.

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The values we bring to the table is amplified by the efficient services & products we guarantee our clients! The sole purpose of Marko Steamjet is to deliver outstanding, sustainable and efficient steam systems to our customers, providing exceptional service and products to our customers. Thus, building a bright and secure future for everyone involved in our business. At each stage of the organisation, Marko conveys the obligation and the authority to prevent faulty items from arriving at clients. We pay attention to this commitment and show our dedication through a thorough internal training program, continuous supplier monitoring, and compliance with all legislative, regulatory, and customer requirements.


With an alert focus in manufacturing, we want to constantly strive to bring new and innovative products to the market with a vision to increase global manufacturing with engineering efficiency and business growth. Our core values are team Spirit, reliability, originality & Entrepreneurship which help us Deliver significance not only to our customers but also to our members and the society as a whole.




We believe in providing the best of us building a bond of trust. The most valuable thing for us is to assure that our company services & products are safe and reliable for our customers.


We are determined by our consistent commitment and responsibility to the provision of consumer service excellence with a commitment of timely delivered materials.


We work in a multifaceted industry and know that an approach based on integrity and full compliance will provide us with a sustainable environment.


We are conscious of the ever-changing requirements of our clients and are focused on developing new products to meet the needs of the future. Thus, we embrace and accelerate the change by going the extra mile.



Rotary Joints & Other Accessories

The rotary joints are preferred for low & high application that allows the flow of different media from stationary supply pipe and in or out of rotating equipment. Heat transfer and hydraulic media normally utilized with rotary joints and rotating unions include steam, water, thermal oil, hydraulic oil, air, and coolant.

Steam & Condensate Recovery System

Steam system is an important part of ensuring qualitative products and high productivity. The Steam Systems at Marko Steam Jet improve steam cycle efficiency and enabling products to be qualitative and increase ease and productivity for our stakeholders. We produce a variety of products that make sure the steam reaching your gear is exactly what your process needs at each and every stage. To do the same, we have 3 distinctive products for Condensate Recovery System: Steam trap based condensate recovery system, Thermo-compressor based condensate recovery system, Cascade based Condensate Recovery System.

Different Types of Valves and Accessories

Marko Steam Jet is a global supplier of world-class values and accessories that define quality and are used in engineering systems throughout the country and globally. At Marko Steam Jet, we supply a variety of valves and accessory making industry processes easier and premium.


We design and manufacture a sturdy and affordable range of liquid metering solutions like dosing pumps, metering pumps, mechanical dosing pumps, electronic dosing pumps, skid-mounted dosing pumps etc that are extensively used in diverse industries. Marko metering/dosing pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps for fluids, with a continuous adjustment of metered flow. Made available at industry leading prices, our comprehensive assortment is qualitative in nature and is widely acclaimed by our global clientele.



Critical Needs Powerful Solutions

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“Marko Steam jet has been a great supplier to our company. Their quick turn around is [fantastic] and they are very responsive to our inquiries. Their quality is remarkable! 100% rating for all the deliveries.”

Having them in my corner is one less thing to worry about in life. They maintain outstanding customer service from the initial call to service people that arrive. This is the way to run a business and help industries like ours. Keep it up, Marko & Team!

Our company has been using Marko’s products related to pumps and industrial points, including many accessories. Same are found successful at our end. We are appreciating your Product excellence and services. Always a trustworthy brand!